A Trip to Krujë

On Thursday (2 Feb), Myself (John), Silvia and Eric went on a quick day trip to the mountain town of Krujë, just north of Tirana. While we had hoped to see the Krujë castle + the National Ethnographic Museum, we only had the time to visit it’s famous old markets. Very few tourists were there (I only saw one other group of about 5) and the shopkeepers were more than insistently happy that we spend our Leks in their shops which specialize in antiques, Albanian traditional clothing, various claptrap and the occasional remnants from the communist past (I got an Enver Hoxha magnet, but you could also find coffee mugs and espresso cups with the dear departed leader on them). Anyway, we all made out with some lovely items (you can see my traditional hat I bought with me in front of a stray cow). I also scored a handful of DVD’s of Albanian movies: the rather important Enveri ynë, Skenderbeu, Koncert në vitin 1936, and the dumpy looking comedy Kapedani 2: Cherche La Femme for my own twisted amusement (no luck on YouTube with that one)..

BTW, all the YouTube Film Links are from the gigantic Filma dhe Programe Shqip channel on YouTube, bursting with hundreds of full-length Albanian films!!!!!!!

So, some photos (note one is not technically in Kruje, but I just had to snap a pic of the George W. Bush bar on the way up to Kruje on the minibus:

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