The last house at the Lanë

In 2000, restoration of the Lanë river began. Only one house was left to stand. It would take a decade for this house to be taken down too. In the year of 2010, the municipality of Tiranë started demolishing the last house. For all these years it had functioned as a symbol of the Kanun being still active in present-day Albania, for this house was sheltering a family that had incurred the blood-feud (gjakmarrja).

Although the place was shelter only to women and children, they may become a victim (ngujuar) in the feud between the men sometimes. Thusthe old Kanun states that “blood follows the finger”, and only the murderer itself must be revenged by the family of the victim, the later Kanun states that all males in the family of the murderer can be revenged, even an infant in the cradle. Women are excluded from the feud since when a woman is killed, her parents incur the blood.

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