Official PYRAMIDS DJ-mega-party at Tirana Ekspres: KLOMP! Sat. Feb. 18!!


K L O M P !!!!!! :

Saturday 18 February 2012, 21:00 – ?????

Tirana Ekspres, Rr. Karl Gega, Blloku e Magazinave

Massakiss (US/NL)
Dagga Dagga (NL)
Mrtz (AT/NL)
Das-nald (NL)
Geocities Memorial Orchestra (HU/NL)

Styles: Tropical bass, Dancehall, House (Classic/Booty/Ghetto/Underground), Techno, Disco, Wave, ItaloDisco, Breakbeats + MORE!

First Photos from Film Archive in Tirana

My research regarding Albanian film led me to the national film archives here in Tirana where I found a goldmine of information relating to Albanian films. In general, the archives are in total disarray and many important archive materials are generally stacked in piles, kept in old envelopes, tossed in corners or are often damaged in some way. The amount of information there, however, will be essential to my final work. I’ll be spending a lot of time there during the upcoming 2 weeks sifting through it all. First up: photos from the trip (next up will be video documentation).

Trip to Kinostudio & Murabi Film + Multimedia Academy

Today myself (John), Nika, Ronald, Pim, Moritz & Eric (along with one of our lovely local connections Elvis) went to the old Kinostudio and the Murabi Academy of Film & Multimedia. We got to see a bit of the original Kinostudio building (though some parts are closed off and it seems pretty unused for the most part.) The Kinostudio was the only studio which produced films during the communist times. We met with the school’s rector and also important film director Kujtim Çashku, who talked with us quite in depth about various aspects of film, from his own work to touching upon various themes of Albanian cinema. There’s so much to digest but for now, some photos in and around the Kinostudio and the Academy.

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A Trip to Krujë

On Thursday (2 Feb), Myself (John), Silvia and Eric went on a quick day trip to the mountain town of Krujë, just north of Tirana. While we had hoped to see the Krujë castle + the National Ethnographic Museum, we only had the time to visit it’s famous old markets. Very few tourists were there (I only saw one other group of about 5) and the shopkeepers were more than insistently happy that we spend our Leks in their shops which specialize in antiques, Albanian traditional clothing, various claptrap and the occasional remnants from the communist past (I got an Enver Hoxha magnet, but you could also find coffee mugs and espresso cups with the dear departed leader on them). Anyway, we all made out with some lovely items (you can see my traditional hat I bought with me in front of a stray cow). I also scored a handful of DVD’s of Albanian movies: the rather important Enveri ynë, Skenderbeu, Koncert në vitin 1936, and the dumpy looking comedy Kapedani 2: Cherche La Femme for my own twisted amusement (no luck on YouTube with that one)..

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