Pyramids Revisited at Korzo Theater, The Hague

On Thursday the 15th of march, four works of the participating artists of the “Pyramida”-exhibtion made their way to the Lighthouse Festival in The Hague’s Korzo Theater.

Moritz Geremus – Freedom – Joy in Labor – Political Transparency – Honor
Nika Volkova – Equally abandoned
Pim van der Heiden – Retrogeography of Enver Hoxha’s Statue’s Life

AND a new work by Ronald Schelfhout – Albania, things that were created in the eagle country

Unfortunately only the latter two made it into the documentation.

Visible in the background - the Albanian Flag next to Ronald's video on a deconstructed TV inside a wooden structure.

Retrogeography of Enver Hoxha’s Statue’s Life




By now, the Pyramids-crew has safely returned in one piece back to their headquarters in The Hague, NL.

May the rising double-headed eagle greet our presence soon again!

Tour de Piramida – this Tuesday!!

This Tuesday the 28th of February 15:00, Moritz Geremus will give a guided tour through the exhibition “Pyramids”. Discover how 14 Artists from different countries reflected on Albania, and  how their residence of 4 weeks turned diverse results of exceptional art! Each artwork will be thoroughly analyzed, in order to bring new perspectives of viewing the different pieces inside Tirana Ekspres.

The tour starts 15:00 at the exhibition space, please be on time!

A look at the proposal of Coop Himmelb(l)au for a new parliament

As Vincent already pointed out in this earlier post, there have been plans to erect a new parliament in the middle of Tirana. Those plans come from the probably most renowned architecture firm of Vienna, Coop Himmelb(l)au.

It is interesting to see how the protest surrounding the buildup of this massive project is being viewed at by the architects themselves, within the Austrian media. The first interview that comes to my mind is one being shown in der standard. Here, “front-man” Wolf D. Prix gives an interview where he talks about the lack of student revolts in Vienna, which according to him are not fierce enough and show symptoms of a generation that has become lethargic and lazy. Continue reading