ArtScience Foundation

The ArtScience Foundation has its main goals in supporting students of the ArtScience interfaculty in The Hague to develop their projects and to present them in exhibition contexts capable of providing increased visibility. The ArtScience Foundation aims to facilitate the transition from student to professional life, giving students of the department the possibility to develop their organizational and production skills as well as gaining experience both in communicating with public, curators and critics and in finding resources to fund their artistic research. Given the particular nature of the ArtScience curriculum, the ArtScience Foundation aims to provide a stimulus for innovative interdisciplinary research in the field of art, science and technology. Finally the ArtScience Foundation aims to contribute to the cultural life of The Hague by creating occasions for the city to experience new and exciting art forms and practices.

Tirana Ekspres

Tirana EKSPRES is a new art space, located in the north former industrial area (next to the train station) of Tirana/Albania opened in June 2011. Tirana EKSPRES is a non-profit organization whose aim is to serve as a resource facility for emerging and established local and international artists, curators, writers, etc. and provides a communicative platform by hosting: exhibitions, presentations, performances, workshops, educational programs and assisting the realization of projects and artistic productions in the visual, media, performing and interdisciplinary arts. Tirana EKSPRES is an interdisciplinary work/host space that promotes and support collaboration among artists and audiences from diverse cultures and artistic backgrounds by developing alternative public forums such as: lectures, panel discussions, debates, presentations, artist talk, broadcasts, publications etc.

Aleanca kundër diskriminimit të LGBT

Aleanca Kundër Diskriminimit të LGBT (Gay-Straight Alliance Against LGBT Discrimination) is an Albanian non-governmental organization that envisions a free, open and equal Albanian society that embraces diversity and is inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. To achieve this vision, Aleanca strives to support and empower a visible and inclusive lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community while increasing public understanding, education, and awareness of issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit

The Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit (Central State’s Film Archive of Albania, CSFA) is the legal custodian of the Albanian cinematographic production started from the year 1947 and onwards, largely consisting of the productions from one single state-owned entity, the “New Albania” studio, which started its activity in 1952 and was closed in 1992.

Department of Eagles

In 2011, Departamenti i Shqiponjave, Studime Transkontinentale (Department of Eagles, Transcontinental Studies) was established in Tirana, Albania — the ‘Country of Eagles’ — as a weekly reading group bringing together students and scholars from diverse regions such as law, anthropology, computer science, and international relations. The Departamenti i Shqiponjave aims to create a conceptual space in which it becomes possible to think what the humanities in general and philosophy in particular may mean in an age of globalization, where thought itself remains nevertheless divided across continental rifts.

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